PrepScholar SAT Prep Review in 2023 – Is It Right for Your Child? 

 March 9, 2023

By  Chuky Ofoegbu

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PrepScholar is a relatively new company disrupting the test prep industry by leveraging technology. They offer customized courses exclusively online, with programs that can properly guide your family through the SAT prep journey. 

We find their approach to SAT test prep very unique and rated PrepScholar as the Best for Self Study in our in-depth review of the best SAT Prep Courses.

In this review, we'll help you understand what you can expect from PrepScholar's SAT courses and why we recommend their SAT courses. This way you can better understand if their course offering meets the unique needs of your child.  

Video Review of PrepScholar SAT Prep Course

Watch our in-depth video review for a behind the scenes peek into the PrepScholar SAT prep course platform. Here, we dive deeper into the performance of the PrepScholar SAT course from our first-hand experience using the course. 

PrepScholar SAT Prep Course Options

PrepScholar offers a variety of course options. Courses start with their complete package and include several add-on options. All courses and classes from PrepScholar's are online. 

PrepScholar's SAT courses all include a few standard features. The most notable is their 160+ point guarantee. They also offer a 5-day risk-free trial for each class. Finally, every course comes with free tech support in case any issues arise. 

Complete SAT Online Prep

All of PrepScholar's options are based on their Complete SAT Online Prep package. This package costs $397, or $36 per month with a payment plan. This price covers all course materials for one year, with no other time limits. 

The Complete SAT Online Prep course is self-paced. However, it also comes with a customized program to help students structure their learning. Students start by taking a smart diagnostic quiz. Then, their platform will build a custom prep program for your child based on the quiz results.

Next, they map out the plan clearly. Instructions go step by step and hour by hour. This process takes all the guesswork out of SAT prep, making it simple and doable for every student. 

PrepScholar's basic program doesn't offer the accountability of a live course. However, they help your child stay motivated in other ways. For example, the program will send students and parents weekly progress reports.

These reports help students keep track of their time and stay on schedule. They can also boost engagement, encouraging students to study regularly and consistently. It might be even more helpful for accountability than a traditional class!

PrepScholar's library of study materials is extensive. Their course includes over 210 hours of content and over 7100 practice questions. Their videos cover both content and testing strategies.

Video lesson on SAT math section from the PrepScholar SAT prep course

SAT math section video lesson from the PrepScholar SAT prep course

In addition, they provide answer explanations for every question. They also offer ten practice tests, with at least one built into the customized study program. 

This course focuses on strategies to ace the test. This focus contrasts with some other classes, which focus more on content. The SAT is designed to cover material that most students have learned in high school.

Therefore, learning test strategies may be more helpful than reviewing content for some students. In addition, many students struggle most with the structure and specifics of the test, which this course covers. 

PrepScholar Classes

The PrepScholar Classes package includes all the features in the Complete Prep package, plus live online classes. It costs $895 and does not come with a payment plan. 

This course offers 9 hours of classroom instruction. PrepScholar also makes sure all their teachers are highly qualified. All of the instructors have scored in at least the 99th percentile on the SAT, so you can be sure they know their stuff. Classes take place in small groups, with a max of 9 students per class. 

PrepScholar's live classes offer a few advantages over their regular program. First, your child will have the opportunity to learn with other students and collaborate in small groups.

In addition, they'll be able to ask the instructor questions during class time. Finally, a live class can add an extra bit of accountability for students who may struggle with just the online program. 

Live classes will cover both test content and strategies. The program will complement these classes with scheduled practice tests and customized homework, so your child can engage with the material they learn.

Lessons start by going over reading methods. They then move on to math strategies, essential concepts, and grammar and writing. The class will finish off by reviewing test-day strategies. Then, if they still have time, your child can continue prepping with the online materials. 

Complete + Tutoring

The Complete + Tutoring package is exactly what it sounds like. For $995, students will get access to PrepScholar's entire online course, plus 4 hours of tutoring. Packages go up from there, offering more tutoring hours at a higher cost. 

Each tutoring package provides something different. With the most basic package, a tutor will check in with your student and help them with any questions. They will also help provide test-taking tips from their own experience. 

The next package costs $1995 and offers 12 hours of tutoring. This greater time commitment allows the tutor to guide your student's prep thoroughly, helping them navigate the course and taking them through every step.

Their recommended package includes 20 hours of tutoring for $2995. This package offers a tutor who can work extensively with your student and guide them through the whole studying process.

They even provide 54 hours of tutoring for $6995, which provides the most complete and comprehensive tutoring experience. 

PrepScholar's tutors are the best of the best. They all scored at least in the 99th percentile on the SAT and have gone to top universities. PrepScholar evaluates their teaching skill in an extensive interview process.

In addition, they will provide individual attention that goes beyond a group class and addresses your child's unique needs and challenges. 

Complete Premium

The Complete Premium package is similar to the basic one but with a few extra features. For $577 or $53 per month, you get two years of access to the course. In addition, they offer expedited support to deal with any platform issues. 

Dual SAT and ACT

PrepScholar's final offer is their Dual SAT + ACT package. This package provides access to their Compete Online ACT and SAT prep classes for $597 or $54 per month. The features remain the same in both courses, just with a better deal to combine them. 

Pros of PrepScholar SAT Prep

Numerous study resources available outside of class

It's hard to dispute that PrepScholar's library of materials is not comprehensive. With over 7,000 practice questions, you can ensure they have as many questions as your child needs for every section of the test. 

If your child is stuck on a concept, they can also check out PrepScholar's videos and written content. 

Many practice tests and questions

With ten practice tests and over 7,000 questions, your child will be able to drill each subject and skill extensively. PrepScholar emphasizes subject and skill mastery in their course, so they will ensure your child does as much practice as they need to know a topic inside and out.

Range of affordable prices plus payment plans

PrepScholar's courses are relatively affordable, especially with their payment plans. Even with the most basic option, you'll get access to many of the best features of their course. Their wide variety of options will also ensure that they have something for most budgets. 

5-Day Free Trial

Every PrepScholar class comes with a 5-day risk-free trial. This offer means that if you cancel at any time within your first five days of purchasing, you can get all your money back. This trial can be a helpful feature for anyone on the fence about PrepScholar's system. 

Personalized Study Plans

One of the unique things about PrepScholar's courses is their comprehensive, custom study plans. While some courses may simply provide all the resources your child needs, PrepScholar will show your child when and how to use their resources. This structure is a great advantage, especially for students who need more direction and guidance.

Cons of PrepScholar SAT Prep

Tutoring add-ons are expensive

Once you add on PrepScholar's private tutoring, the packages get very expensive, very fast. Their high prices are likely because of the top-tier tutors they employ and their dedicated and personalized support programs.

If you're looking for affordable one-on-one tutoring, you will find cheaper options with The Princeton Review's On-Demand SAT Tutoring. 

No live courses or in-person options

PrepScholar's system is entirely online. This includes their tutoring and group class options. This won't be a problem for many students, especially in the current pandemic. However, if you are looking for in-person resources, you'll need to look elsewhere.

No mobile app

Although PrepScholar's course is all online, they do not offer a mobile app. The lack of an app probably won't be a significant problem for most students, as many do test prep on their computers.

However, suppose your child is hoping to get some practice in on the way to school or between activities. In that case, you'll have to look at additional resources. 

Should you buy a PrepScholar SAT Prep Course?

PrepScholar's online SAT prep courses are great for motivated students who need some guidance and direction. As expected, completing an online only course, like the Complete SAT Online course will require a degree of self-sufficiency from your student.

However, PrepScholar really understands this, and they have crafted their courses to make it easier for students  to stay motivated and engaged. 

PrepScholar will help your child review any content they need and get insider tips on navigating the test, which will definitely help their scores increase. Given that most students struggle with testing strategies, getting a quality prep program is invaluable. 

Furthermore, PrepScholar provides a great value at a reasonable price. Their courses are taught and designed by high scorers and test experts, so you can be sure you're getting high-quality, relevant information.

In addition, the course customization will ensure that it will address your student's unique strengths and weaknesses. Where many courses may be more general, PrepScholar will provide a program that's just right for your child. 

If you're still on the fence about buying PrepScholar's SAT Prep course, you can try it out risk free for 5 days. They offer a sample lesson you can look through to get a sense of their online materials...

And you can use their risk-free trial to test out the materials and decide if they're perfect for your child. 

FAQs about PrepScholar SAT Prep Courses

Is PrepScholar SAT prep good?

PrepScholar SAT Prep is top-notch. They have everything that students need between their expert instructors, an adaptive online system, and an extensive library. Their wide variety of course options will cover most study plans and budgets.

In addition, they offer a 160+ point guarantee for all packages, which shows the confidence they have in their courses. 

How much does PrepScholar SAT prep cost?

PrepScholar's courses come at a variety of prices. Their cheapest option is $397, or $36 per month, and prices can go up to $6995. They have a wide variety of options in-between, some with payment plans to make them more accessible.

While PrepScholar isn't the cheapest program on the market, they offer great value for their high-quality materials. 

What is the PrepScholar money-back guarantee?

PrepScholar is so confident in their materials that they offer a 160+ point score guarantee for all their courses. This guarantee means that you can get all your money back if your child's score doesn't improve by this much after taking the course.

However, the guarantee is dependent on some conditions, like finishing the course and submitting a request within 360 days of your payment, so make sure to look over the specifics before you buy. 

Is PrepScholar SAT worth the money?

PrepScholar offers an excellent value for a fairly competitive price. Their Complete SAT Online Prep course provides many materials and a structure to help your child use them. 

Furthermore, their step-by-step custom study plans offer a significant advantage that is not found from other SAT prep courses like Magoosh SAT prepKaplan SAT prep, or The Princeton Review SAT prep

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