Magoosh SAT Prep Review (2023) – Should You Buy or Not? 

 March 9, 2023

By  Chuky Ofoegbu

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Magoosh has proved themselves to be a top-rated SAT prep company, despite being relatively less established when compared to other SAT prep companies like The Princeton Review and Kaplan.  

Magoosh distinguishes itself by offering budget friendly prep courses. And in our honest review of the best SAT prep courses on the market, we rated the Magoosh SAT prep course as the Best for Budget.

But are their budget SAT prep courses too good to be true? To find out, we've purchased and spent weeks thoroughly reviewing their course.

And in this article, we'll explore what Magoosh has to offer, the pros and cons of their courses and whether their SAT prep offerings can help your child achieve a high SAT score. 

Video Review of Magoosh SAT Prep Course

Watch our in-depth video review for a behind the scenes peek into the Magoosh SAT prep course platform. Here, we dive deeper into the performance of the Magoosh SAT course from our first-hand experience using the course. 

Magoosh SAT Prep Course Options

Magoosh keeps its course options simple. They have one standard self-paced course and an add-on of live online classes for a higher price. This means there aren't as many options to choose from, but it also makes it easy to see if their courses are suitable for your child. 

Self-Paced Premium

Magoosh's Self-Paced Premium package is their standard course option. This course offers a complete set of online resources designed to give your child everything they need for effective SAT Prep. For just $129, you'll get 12 months of access to their entire SAT course.  

The Self-Paced Premium course is designed to provide a complete library of SAT Prep materials. They have over 1,750 practice questions, meaning that they have many options for every subject and difficulty level. This question bank isn't quite as extensive as some other prep programs, but most students won't need more than 1,750 questions. 

The practice questions are the center of Magoosh's SAT prep program. One of the significant advantages of the program is that they offer video or text explanations for every single question. With this guidance, every wrong answer can be a learning opportunity. 

Magoosh offers up to three practice tests, but it's important to note that these are just tests generated from their overall question bank. If you're looking for practice tests that will more accurately simulate the SAT itself, it is easy to find old official SATs online for free. 

Magoosh's online library includes over 200 video lessons, covering a wide range of concepts and testing strategies on the SAT. These videos are generally around 4-12 minutes long, perfect for the attention spans of most high schoolers. 

SAT math video lessons on Magoosh SAT prep course

SAT math video lessons on Magoosh SAT prep course

Magoosh gets the job done when it comes to the video content. Their videos have a simple presentation format, with the instructor talking over and annotating slides. The videos may not have fancy animations or effects, but they are comprehensive and straightforward. 

One other advantage that Magoosh has over other library-style programs is that their program will put together lessons and study schedules for your child. When your child opens their Magoosh dashboard, they'll see a simple layout showing their progress, test date, target score, and study suggestions.

Magoosh is designed for busy students, so it is based around the idea that students will practice for around 20-30 minutes per day. This means that the program will create study sessions of that length.

These study sessions include videos, short quizzes to help with information retention, and questions to practice the information covered. Your child will also be able to create custom practice sessions with their choice of subject, difficulty, and quizzes. 

Finally, Magoosh offers the perk of email assistance from their expert SAT tutors. You or your child can email them at any time with a question about coursework, concepts, or the SAT in general, and they'll get back to you in around 24 hours. 

Although Magoosh's program isn't as comprehensive as some others, they're very confident in their results. They offer a 100+ point score guarantee on all their courses. 

Premium + Live Classes

Magoosh only offered their self-paced program in the past, but they now have an option with live classes added. This option provides everything in the Premium course, plus the classes, for $399. 

The live class option offers 16 hours of live instruction over one month. This schedule breaks down to two 2-hour sessions per week. Magoosh's live class scheduling options are pretty limited, but they also offer the opportunity to take the class on-demand. With this option, you won't have live classes, but you can watch the lessons on your schedule. 

Live SAT classes are an excellent option for students who need more structure and accountability in their schedules. While the self-study program gives study suggestions, it won't put together a full schedule for your child. Instead, live classes will create a straightforward learning plan that your child can supplement with self-paced practice. 

Magoosh's classes are taught by instructors who have scored in at least the 99th percentile. They also have prior experience teaching in test prep. The classes run much like a typical class, with presentations on content and testing strategy, time to ask questions, and collaborative work with other students in the class.

This structure can be an advantage for students who enjoy working collaboratively and might miss more social interaction in their test prep. 

Each lesson will also have homework, which can help to structure your child's SAT practice. It's important to note that these classes go by fairly quickly, as they only last for a month. Still, they can be a great option to start your test prep or to do prep efficiently and rapidly. 

Magoosh's score increase guarantee won't guarantee you a full refund when it comes to the live class. Still, if your child's score doesn't increase by 100 points after the class, you can either get refunded for the original $129 course or enroll in another live class for free. 

Pros of Magoosh SAT Prep Course

Detailed Answer Explanations

A standout feature of many Magoosh test prep courses are the detailed answer explanations provided for all practice questions in their questions bank. And their SAT prep program is no exception.

While other SAT test prep companies might provide these answer explanations in a text-based format, Magoosh goes the extra mile supplementing the majority of their text-based answer explanations with detailed video answer explanations. 

This multimedia approach caters to both visual learners and those who learn best by reading.

Personalized study schedules

While Magoosh may not give your child the most comprehensive test prep program, their personalized study schedules are a significant advantage. The program starts with a diagnostic test to evaluate your child's strengths and weaknesses.

Then, it continues to suggest material based on your child's initial score and later performance. In addition, the program will give your child detailed score predictions based on their progress and allow them to compare their results to those of their peers. 

Range of affordable prices

Magoosh does give you a great deal for your money. Not only are their SAT courses one of the cheapest, you can also pay for these course using a payment plan.

While you may not receive the most comprehensive or the fanciest materials, you get the basics you need for SAT prep. The $129 gives you access to practice questions, answer explanations, study schedules, online SAT practice tests, video lessons, and personalized support. 

Accessible courses through a mobile app

Magoosh's mobile app is a great advantage for busy students who may have trouble fitting the 20-30 minute lessons into their day. For students who have long commutes, spend lots of time in extracurriculars, or work jobs outside of school, an app can allow them to fit test prep into their schedules.

In addition, the app makes it easy to get some studying in during moments of downtime, like a train or car ride or a break during work or other activities. 

A bonus is that Magoosh has two apps. The main one has your whole SAT experience on mobile. The other app is one for English and Math flashcards. This app allows your child to learn offline, creating an excellent opportunity to fit in bits of extra practice whenever they have time. 

7-day free trial

Magoosh's 7-day free trial provides an excellent way for your child to check out their system and see if it's a good fit. With this trial, you can access all their test prep resources, just as if you were paying for the course.

To make the most of this trial, make sure your student commits to doing their 20-30 minutes a day. This consistency will allow you to see if Magoosh's program will work for your child.

Cons of Magoosh SAT Prep Course

Only a few practice tests

Magoosh only offers up to four full-length practice tests, and these aren't completely unique practice tests - as the questions on these tests are drawn from Magoosh's pool of practice of questions. Some of which your student might have attempted if they complete a large volume of practice questions on the Magoosh platform.

In addition, most of the practice tests are not available in a PDF format which could be completed in paper-and-pencil format. Because of this, Magoosh's practice tests may not simulate the actual SAT as accurately as some other SAT prep course providers.

However, if you are concerned about the lack of unique practice tests, it is relatively easy to find high-quality practice tests online. The College Board (the makers of the SAT exam) offer several old official tests online as free PDFs.

If your child wants to simulate a real paper SAT test-taking condition, they can easily take one of these official full-length SAT practice tests, time it as if it's the real thing, and even score it with the scoring guide provided in the PDF. 

No private tutoring

Unlike the PrepScholar SAT prep course or The Princeton Review SAT prep course, Magoosh does not offer private tutoring sessions. This can be a drawback for students who need more personalized and dedicated support and may be a reason to choose another provider. 

If private tutoring isn't essential for your child's test prep, Magoosh can still help answer any specific questions. Their 24/7 email support from expert tutors can answer any content questions and even help guide your test prep.

However, it will be up to your student to take the initiative to access this resource. Your child can get all their questions answered, but they won't have a private tutor prompting them to ask. 

Self-motivated approach

Magoosh favors a self-motivated approach to test prep. Their self-paced program helps your child put together personalized study sessions and suggestions. However, it does leave some options open to them when deciding which subjects they need to practice and how much they will study.

video lesson on the writing section in the Magoosh SAT prep course

Video lesson on the Magoosh SAT prep course showing the instructor's annotation

Magoosh's program will give your child everything they need, but they won't hold your child's hand. Their schedules are more of suggestions than a strict program. 

Low score improvement guarantee

Magoosh's score improvement guarantee of 100 points is one of the lowest among popular SAT prep companies. However, this is justified given their budget friendly approach to test prep. 

FAQs About Magoosh SAT Prep Course:

Is Magoosh SAT prep free?

While Magoosh SAT prep is one of the cheaper options, it is not free. They offer a 7-day free trial, but their most affordable course is $129. If you're looking for a free SAT prep option, you can check out Khan Academy's free program or helpful SAT YouTube channels.

There are also several practice tests and questions available online for free, so if you want to put together a program from free resources, that is an option as well. 

Is Magoosh SAT worth it?

For many students, the resources that Magoosh offers will be well worth the price. Magoosh themselves are very confident in this, so they offer their 100+ point guarantee. Every student is different, though, so it's essential to consider the information in this article and on their site and decide if this program will meet your student's test prep needs. 

Is Magoosh good for SAT prep?

Magoosh offers a high-quality program at an affordable price. After purchasing and thoroughly reviewing their SAT prep course, we ranked Magoosh as the best budget SAT prep on the market. Their lessons cover all the test-prep basics clearly and straightforwardly, and their platform provides a complete set of resources. 

In addition, they offer high-quality practice questions that are comparable to those on the actual SAT. 

How much does the Magoosh SAT prep cost?

The Self-Paced Premium program costs $129, and you will also have the option to add live classes for $399. 

Should you buy a Magoosh SAT Prep Course?

With an extensive library of learning resources at an affordable price tag, Magoosh has made a name for themselves in the SAT test prep space. With 12 months of access to their self-paced platform and the opportunity to add on live classes, the Magoosh SAT program has a lot to offer students and families preparing for the SAT.  

After thoroughly reviewing the Magoosh platform, we can say for sure that the Magoosh SAT prep course is a good option for self-motivated students preparing for the SAT on a budget who don't need much instructor support during their prep. 

However, if your child needs an SAT prep program with dedicated support, private tutoring, or more than twelve months of access, you may want to consider another option like the Princeton Review SAT prep, PrepScholar SAT prep, or Kaplan SAT prep.

However, if you're confident that your child can effectively prepare for the SAT with minimal supervision, then Magoosh will be a good choice. If you're still on the fence, you can check out one of their sample live classes, and take advantage of their 7-day money-back guarantee to see if you like their SAT prep course platform.

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