Best TOEFL YouTube Channels in 2022 

 November 8, 2022

By  Chuky Ofoegbu

We've curated a list of the best TOEFL YouTube channels to help you supplement your TOEFL prep.


The TST Prep TOEFL started back in January 2013. Since then, it has gained over 236K subscribers (as of January 2022) on its YouTube channel. 

The founder and the host of this channel is Josh MacPherson. He has acquired information from qualified TOEFL teachers. These teachers have their specialties in separate parts of the TOEFL. Collectively, they present strategies to students to help ace the TOEFL.

The primary aim of the channel is to provide clear and simple TOEFL test tips and tricks. Their videos are helpful for beginners who are overwhelmed and intimidated by the TOEFL. The easy-to-understand content helps these beginners learn better and knock the TOEFL exam out of the park.

With 77 videos (as of January 2022), they frequently upload videos and keep up with the changes implemented to the TOEFL. Their videos range in length from 10 minutes to 1 hour, so you have a lot of information to gain. 

They have plenty of videos that cover practice questions and their answers. It helps you gain a general understanding of the types of questions that can be asked and how to answer them.

Each section of the TOEFL includes separate videos for their tips and tricks and their practice questions. Moreover, they also have videos on the entire practice TOEFL test and how to perform it. 

This vast majority of information is equally present on their website. Practice tests are accessible there as well.

Overall, the videos have an engaging flow to the content. The host, Josh, makes it easier for you to understand his message by building a strong connection with the viewer.

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The E2 TOEFL is presented by the E2Language, a well-known online teaching company. Since March 2016, qualified teachers and experts have been putting forward their tips and test strategies for the TOEFL on their YouTube Channel.

Their videos include each section of the TOEFL. The adaptive environment makes the whole learning experience of the videos very fulfilling and interactive. 

They upload videos on the changes made to the TOEFL and discuss these changes in detail. This allows you to gain all of your TOEFL-based information from one place only, that is the E2 TOEFL YouTube channel.

With 99 videos (as of January 2022), these videos feature a section-specific approach. The videos contain tips and tricks for each particular section of the TOEFL. It makes the videos smaller as the average length of the videos is 10 minutes. It allows you to receive your information in tidbits.

You can find the videos separated in their playlist tab according to the numerous sections of the TOEFL. It helps you to easily navigate the videos according to your needed section.

Their website also features notes and information about the TOEFL and its preparation. Practice questions and tests are there as well.

TOEFL TV Official

The TOEFL TV Official is a YouTube channel with over 177 thousand subscribers. It features 274 videos (as of January 2022) that include everything related to the TOEFL test and its preparation.

Since February 2009, this channel has put together videos that explain the different types of TOEFL. These types are the iBT, Home Edition, and the Essentials. It covers each type and delivers explanations for their questions.

These explanations of each question type allow you to understand the question and devise a plan to answer them properly.

The TOEFL TV also features success stories from past test-takers. These students share their experience with the TOEFL and their unique preparation tactics. With individual tips and tricks from these test-takers, you can obtain a variety of information that’ll help you ace the TOEFL! 

These tips and tricks are accurate as they were tried and tested by former test takers who passed the TOEFL with flying colors. However, there are no tips and tricks from experts in this channel.

All resource videos are animated, so they are easy to understand. But, as these videos have little information about the TOEFL, there is no worthy compilation of notes.

Most of the information regarding the TOEFL is pretty basic such as test structures and so on. The unique thing that stands out for this channel is the focus on the success stories of the past test-takers.

Test Resource - TOEFL Preparation

The Test Resource has gained over 71 thousand subscribers (as of January 2022) since it formed in October 2011. This channel is centered over two sections of the TOEFL, the writing and the speaking section.

It contains content for each question type of the two sections. This conveys a clear understanding of the types of questions that can be asked during the TOEFL and how to answer them effectively. 

They also discuss the changes that are introduced in the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL. The detailed videos can be discovered on this channel.

They discuss the scoring criteria and scheme in a few of their videos. The individual videos for each section allow you to be familiar with the answers and their conditioning. It equally makes you aware of the most frequent mistakes made by students in their answers.

Their video topics are moderately interesting and beneficial for TOEFL test takers. They target the most common situations in detail and how to resolve them. 

The graphics and animations used in the videos are fun and useful. These make the videos interesting and make the whole learning experience exciting. You will not be bored watching the Test Resources videos. The host, Michael, is very engaging and maintains a gentle voice. 

With 90 videos (as of January 2022) about the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL, the channel has separated them in their playlists tab. This helps you navigate them easily. 

As this channel only targets the speaking and writing sections, you have to find other means for information for the other sections of the TOEFL.

Final Thoughts

While content on these YouTube channels are quite valuable, students will make the best use of their time if they combine these videos with a personalized TOEFL study plan.

Watching hours worth of free TOEFL YouTube videos isn't going to be useful if there's no means of assessing your learning outcomes. 

For an effective TOEFL study plan that will result in higher scores, we recommend investing in a quality TOEFL prep course.

You can check out our in-depth review of the best TOEFL prep courses on the market for a TOEFL course that will best suit your needs.

Happy TOEFL Prepping!

Chuky Ofoegbu

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