Best SAT YouTube Channels in 2023 for Free SAT Test Prep 

 August 26, 2023

By  Chuky Ofoegbu

It's no surprise that YouTube is a goldmine for helpful learning resources. And when it comes to SAT test prep, you'll find no shortage of SAT related videos on YouTube.

Whether you're looking for specific SAT test taking strategies or are just interested in learning from the experiences of other SAT test-takers, we bet someone has created a video on YouTube on the topic.

However, with all the options out there, it can be quite difficult figuring out which YouTube channels have content well curated for the needs of SAT test-takers. We understand that time is limited when studying for the SAT. And if you're to spend any of your study time on YouTube, you definitely want to avoid going down the proverbial "YouTube rabbit hole".

To help you make the best of your study time on YouTube, we've put together a list of what we believe are the best SAT YouTube channels that can make your SAT prep more efficient and effective.

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4 Best SAT YouTube Channels To Supplement Your SAT Prep

1. Khan Academy SAT

Khan Academy is not only one of the largest American educational nonprofit organizations, but their global presence is quite significant. Their mission is simple. Create a world where world-class education is free for anyone and anywhere. 

Khan Academy SAT YouTube channel

Khan Academy's philosophy can be observed in the quality of their free test prep courses. As Khan Academy is one of the most popular SAT prep channels on YouTube for good reason. 

With 229 published videos (as of January 2022) exclusively focused on SAT test prep, this channel is a proven resource for any student looking to supplement their SAT prep. 

One of the best advantages of watching Khan Academy videos is that they are excellent for beginner SAT students. Most videos on the channel are under 5 minutes long, which caters to students looking for bite sized lessons. 

Students who are not very familiar with the SAT exam can learn more about the different SAT questions and the best ways to tackle them by watching videos on this channel.

Another advantage of watching videos from Khan Academy is that they are very good at helping students understand the basic math and grammar skills required for the SAT exam.

2. SupertutorTV

SupertutorTV is a well-known SAT/ACT/PSAT preparation channel with around 256,000 subscribers and 329 published videos on YouTube (as of January 2022). They have been consistently publishing helpful videos that helps students navigate the SAT and ACT exams since 2015. 

SupertutorTV one of the best SAT YouTube channels

SupertutorTV YouTube channel

The channel was started by Brooke Hanson, an expert in US college admissions and standardized test preparation with over 15 years of experience.  

And did we forget to mention that she's earned perfect scores on the SAT and ACT, and is a graduate of Stanford University.  

On the channel you will not only find educational content on SAT/ACT test preparation, but you will also find valuable information on topics such as college admission applications, college essay writing, admission interviews, paying for college, general study tips, and related news on college admissions.

Another component that makes this YouTube channel stand above the rest are the real stories from students on their college admissions journey to prestigious universities.

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What's great about the SAT videos on SupertutorTV is that they are short and to the point. On average, the videos on the channel are around 10 minutes long, which makes it great for viewers looking for quick bites of information. 

The SAT prep videos on this channel cover all sections of the SAT and are presented in a very engaging manner. So, students will have no problems staying focused with the learning material.

The test taking strategies in the videos are helpful for students at the beginner and intermediate levels. So, regardless of your starting point, you would not find the content intimidating.

3. Scalar Learning

Scalar Learning is another American educational services company Founded by Huzefa Kapadia, a math education specialist. Their YouTube channel has gained over 46,000 subscribers (as of January 2022) with well over 1,000 published videos since 2016.

Scalar Learning YouTube channel

Most of the videos on this channel focus on effective SAT math section strategies. And with the plethora of videos on the channel, you bet there's no SAT math hack or trick that has not been explored. 

Mr. Kapadia is the main teacher you will find on the channel. He has gained a perfect score on the SAT math section on  4 different occasions. And no, we don't mean from SAT practice exams. But real SAT exams. 

You can see a proof of his perfect SAT math section in several live score reveal videos published on the channel. 

By sitting for the SAT on an annual basis, he stays up to date with SAT trends. So, students can rest assured that they are learning from a true expert, and not just a retired SAT veteran. 

While the videos on the channel are math focused, you will also find videos covering other SAT sections as well. 

Unlike other YouTube channels on this list, most of the videos on the Scalar Learning channel are quite in-depth, with some videos lasting longer than 1 hour. So, students should be prepared to consume the content on the channel just like they would in an online classroom. 

4. Magoosh SAT & ACT

Magoosh is a well-known standardized test preparation company. Although a relatively new test prep company, the Magoosh SAT prep course has become quite popular among families looking for affordable SAT prep. 

On this YouTube channel, they provide several SAT/ACT preparation videos to help students study for the exam.

Best SAT YouTube channel - Magoosh

Magoosh SAT YouTube channel

One of the advantages of watching Magoosh SAT videos is that they offer grammar content to help students study.

The SAT Writing Crash Course has two parts and is more than 3 hours long, but offers educational SAT grammar content for students to learn the necessary skills and tips to help them get a better score.

The videos from Magoosh's Grammar Crash course have done an excellent job of teaching the students each grammar concept and then giving an exact SAT problem on those very exact concepts.

The tips and tricks Magoosh gives in their videos are helpful to beginner students who are new to the exam. If you do not have much information about the exam, then watching videos of Magoosh’s YouTube channel could be a good place to start.

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Final Thoughts

While content on these YouTube channels are quite valuable, students will make the best use of their time if they combine these videos with a personalized SAT study plan.

Watching hours worth of free SAT YouTube videos isn't going to be useful if there's no means of assessing SAT learning outcomes. 

For a comprehensive SAT study plan that will result in higher SAT scores, we recommend investing in an effective SAT prep course or a private SAT tutor.

You can check out our in-depth review of the best SAT prep courses on the market for an SAT course that will best suit the needs of any student.

Happy SAT Prepping!

Chuky Ofoegbu

With almost a decade of experience pursuing higher education in the United States, I fully understand the pain points foreign students endure. I created this website to help foreign students successfully navigate their way through the challenges they will face while living in the United States.

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