BestMyTest IELTS Prep Course Review 

 August 4, 2022

By  Chuky Ofoegbu

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When it comes to exam prep courses and materials, the options can be a bit overwhelming. Still, finding the right study and prep program for you can make or break your chances of achieving your desired score on an exam like the IELTS.

Purchasing and completing an IELTS prep course is a huge investment - of both your money and your time. So, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one to help you get the best results on test day.

BestMyTest offers comprehensive online prep courses for some of the most challenging standardized exams around - IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC. But, is BestMyTest the best IELTS prep course for you

To help you decide, we’ve purchased the program and spent countless hours reviewing their lessons, practice questions and tests, and other materials. Plus, with our extensive background reviewing test prep resources, we can provide the most comprehensive course review you'll find on the internet.

So, let’s dive in and help you decide whether BestMyTest IELTS is the prep course you need to succeed on your big day!


BestMyTest provides comprehensive, high-quality content and materials to help you achieve a higher score on exam day. With over 2,500 practice questions, 2,000+ vocabulary words, and up to 30 full-length practice tests, they also provide an incredible value with options for every budget.

Key  Features:

  • 2,500+ Practice Questions
  • 30-Full Length Test Simulations
  • Up To 8 Writing And 12 Speaking Reviews
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 "Ask Instructor" Questions
  • Up To 2.5+ Band Score Improvement Guarantee



Lesson Quality


Practice Questions

Score Guarantee

Is the BestMyTest IELTS Prep Course Right for You? 

Who we recommend the course for:

  • Students who do well with self-guided learning
  • Anyone who needs a quick last-minute review
  • People who benefit from realistic practice tests and questions
  • Those looking for a low-cost option

Who we don’t recommend the course for:

  • Someone who learns better with one-on-one instruction
  • People who have trouble staying focused during videos
  • Anyone who has difficulty keeping up with a study schedule

BestMyTest IELTS Prep Overview

BestMyTest offers three fully-online IELTS prep course options. These self-paced packages have varying access periods, features, and price points.

BestMyTest IELTS prep course similarities

Here’s what all three course options have in common, no matter which one you choose. 

  • Lessons and practice questions: All three course options include access to all 200 IELTS lessons and 2,500+ practice questions and tasks, where the curriculum covers both the Academic and General versions of the IELTS.
  • Unlimited “Ask Instructor” questions: No matter which package you choose, you’ll be able to ask as many 1-on-1 questions as you’d like.
  • Practice tests: BestMyTest offers up to 30 full-length test simulations no matter which prep course you purchase.

BestMyTest IELTS prep course distinctions

Let’s discuss what sets these packages apart from one another, so you know what you’re getting with your investment.

  • Access period: One of the biggest distinctions is how long you’ll have access to the content and materials. It could be as little as 7 days or as long as a full year depending on your course choice. 
  • Writing and speaking reviews: The 7-day Last Minute package does not include any writing or speaking reviews. The Custom plan includes 2-3 reviews, and the Premium plan offers the most - 8 writing reviews and 12 speaking reviews.
  • Score improvement guarantee: The Last Minute package does not include any score improvement guarantee. The Custom course offers a 1+ band score improvement guarantee, while the Premium course boasts a 2.5+ guarantee.

Lesson Quality

BestMyTest structures their lessons by focusing heavily on both skills and strategy needed for the IELTS. 

The video lessons are broken down by category - starting with introduction lessons to teach you how to use their platform and an overview of the IELTS. Then, the lessons cover listening, reading, writing, speaking, and English (grammar and vocabulary).

You can watch the lessons in any order and skip around to the topics of your choosing, but they’re also organized in a way so that the skills and topics build on each other as you progress through the course, which you can see in the map view from the IELTS Lessons menu.

Map view of IELTS Lessons on the BestMyTest IELTS course

Map view of IELTS Lessons on the BestMyTest IELTS course

The lessons are Youtube videos with Powerpoint-style slide presentations and screen-sharing footage from actual practice questions. 

Each video is narrated by an instructor who uses highlighting, underlining, and other interactive features to draw your attention to keywords and important information on the screen.

This helps make the lesson more engaging and helps you stay focused on the learning objectives.

Sample IELTS video lesson on the BestMyTest IELTS course

Sample IELTS video lesson on the BestMyTest IELTS course

Some of the lessons are quite long, but you can adjust the playback speed if you want to so you can get through the material faster. There’s also the option to turn on closed captioning if you want to be able to read along with the speaker. 

Plus, there’s an interactive text-based version of the lesson just below the video. If you wanted to just skim over the material or look it over before watching the whole lesson, you could use this feature instead. 

Text-based lessons on the BestMyTest IELTS course

Text-based lessons on the BestMyTest IELTS course

We really liked how you can click on the “Ask An Instructor” link right from the lesson screen, so if you wanted clarification on a topic or didn’t understand parts of the lesson you could just open up the chat box. 

Plus, each lesson has a link to practice the questions from the video lesson. So, if you wanted to work on the practice questions yourself to practice what you just learned you could do that with just a click. 

The only thing we didn’t like was the Youtube ads that popped up throughout the video lessons. Sometimes they blocked information on the screen so you’d need to click the “x” to close the ad box. Still, this was only a minor inconvenience compared to the high-quality lesson content offered throughout the course.

Overall, we found the lessons to be comprehensive, well-thought out, and easy to follow. The lessons give users an opportunity to practice skills and the lessons are organized in a way that makes sense for exam prep. 

The topics are broken down just right so you never feel overwhelmed with what you’re learning during a single video.

Plus, when you open the IELTS Lessons menu, the platform suggests what lesson you’re ready for next, which helps you keep track of where you’re at in the program and stay on-track, making it a great self-paced option. 

User Experience

BestMyTest provides a user-friendly, easy to navigate platform. You can access materials and content from a desktop computer or mobile device. Though they don’t have a dedicated app, they do have a mobile-friendly site that’s formatted for smaller devices.

From the moment you log in, you’re greeted with a reminder of your test date and how many days you have left to study. The progress report on the right tells you where you’re scoring on practice questions compared to your target band score.

Those numbers are based on the averages of all the practice work you’ve done throughout the course, so it’s a pretty good indication on how well you’re performing.

Progress analysis tool on the BestMyTest IELTS dashboard

Progress analysis tool on the BestMyTest IELTS dashboard

Just below the dashboard, you’ll find a Score Forecast section that displays your progress and practice scores across all the different sections and a breakdown by topic (listening, reading, and writing). 

Using the information, BestMyTest generates a score prediction on how well you’ll do on the actual test. 

The dashboard also shows you at a glance where you’re at in the course, so you can see your progress as a percentage of completion.

Progress tracking tool on the BestMyTest IELTS dashboard

Progress analysis tool on the BestMyTest IELTS dashboard

You can also quickly see your success rate on practice questions organized by question type. This is useful to see if there’s a certain type of question giving you more trouble so you can focus on those moving forward.

Success rate tool on the BestMyTest IELTS dashboard

Success rate tool on the BestMyTest IELTS dashboard

From the dashboard, you can click on links to do practice questions, jump into lessons, work on vocabulary, or ask an instructor a question. There’s also a “contact us” link at the top if you want to send an email message for extra support.

The lessons library is organized in a way that makes sense and it’s easy to navigate. We like that you can view the lessons in a list view or a map view. BestMyTest does a good job of presenting information in different ways so you can choose what works best for you.

Review of BestMyTest IELTS Practice Material 

Practice questions in lessons and drills

Like we mentioned earlier, BestMyTest IELTS provides over 2,500 practice questions from the four sections you’ll encounter on the IELTS.

When You click on the IELTS Practice menu, you’ll be able to choose from listening, reading, writing, and speaking topics. From there, you can even choose specific question types you may want to focus on.

Library of IELTS Listening passages on the BestMyTest IELTS course

Library of IELTS Listening passages on the BestMyTest IELTS course

There are 128 listening passages, 88 reading passages (52 reading passages for the General IELTS version), 148 writing tasks (44 for the General IELTS version), and 161 speaking tasks. Where each of the practice passages and tasks have multiple questions or prompts.

You can quickly see which practice items you’ve completed and which you still need to do. You can also go back and review or re-take questions or topics that you may have struggled with.

Plus, BestMyTest has links to practice questions throughout the video lessons, too, so you have even more opportunities to practice.

Listening practice questions are very similar to what you might experience on the test in that you can’t go back and listen to the audio twice or speed it up while you’re practicing. 

We found the difficulty level of the practice material comparable to what you might see on the actual IELTS exam. In some cases, the reading passages and questions were more challenging than what you’d see on the IELTS. We think that’s beneficial because it ensures that you’ll be able to handle the real thing. 

Still, depending on your point of view, you may find it discouraging if you feel that the practice questions are too difficult.

In addition, to practice questions, there’s also an IELTS Vocabulary section as part of the BestMyTest platform. In this section, there are 23 “decks” of flashcards featuring common vocabulary words, plus another 12 “decks” with words from various academic disciplines. 

The best way to learn English vocabulary is to expose yourself to the words and practice using them in sentences. That’s exactly what these flashcards do. We think it’s a great way to see all kinds of words - conversational and academic - to prepare yourself for the IELTS.

Full-length practice tests

BestMyTest offers up to 26 practice tests and 4 simulation tests. The practice tests are made up of recycled questions from the reserve of questions on the platform and takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete.

On the other hand, the simulation tests take the same amount of time (2 hours and 45 minutes) but they’re made up of brand new questions not found anywhere else on the platform. These tests are meant to simulate a real IELTS exam. Since these won’t be questions you’ve seen before, it should give you a better idea of how you’d actually do on the real exam.

Reading passages on the practice exams are typically longer and a little denser than what you’ll see on the actual IELTS exam. So, by practicing with the BestMyTest reading material, you might find the actual IELTS exam easier.

BestMyTest also does a very good job of presenting various question types. Since you’ll see a mix of question types on the real IELTS, these practice exams are very good for giving you an idea of what to expect.

The listening sections are also comparable to what you should experience on the real exam. The pacing and difficulty is about the same, and the conditions are the same, too. (You won’t be able to go back and listen again).

For the speaking sections, once you submit your response, there’s no option to review your submission or listen again. So, that’s also good preparation for the real exam. However, there is no timer running while you do the speaking portion. On the real test, you’ll know how long you’ve been speaking which makes it a little easier.

Quality of answer explanations

After you complete practice questions, you’ll see the correct answers and either a transcript of the audio or the reading passage with the information highlighted to indicate where the answer came from. 

However, there are no detailed explanations or additional information to help you understand the correct response. But, you can use the “ask an instructor” feature to get more clarification or help with the answer explanations.

The same goes for practice exams. You’ll see the correct answers but there’s not much as far as explanations to help you understand why the correct response is the right one.

One thing that’s nice is the diagnostic report you’ll get after completing your practice tests. This report will indicate the areas you need the most improvement and how you can work to get a better score. 

Overall, the answer explanations could be better, but BestMyTest does have the “ask an instructor” feature available to get more information if you need it.


BestMyTest provides support through several different features. The most convenient is their “ask an instructor” feature, which is present on nearly every screen throughout the course. 

Users get unlimited 1-on-1 advice and information by using this feature, putting an IELTS expert just a click away. So, if you want more explanation on a question or clarification on a topic, you can get it very easily by asking one of their instructors.

The platform also provides support through their IELTS writing reviews, speaking reviews, and essay grammar corrections. 

However, not every package includes these features and the amount of support that you get varies quite a bit depending on which course you purchase.

For example, the Premium plan includes 8 writing reviews, 12 speaking reviews, and 25 essay grammar corrections. 

However, the Custom plan only comes with 2 writing reviews, 3 speaking reviews, and 5 essay grammar corrections, no matter if you purchase 1 month of access or 6 months. 

And the Last Minute plan (the least expensive option), doesn’t include any writing or speaking reviews and only 1 essay grammar correction. 

The good news is that if you want additional reviews, you can purchase review packages right from your BestMyTest account page. They offer speaking or writing reviews, or complete packages including both speaking and reading. 

Review packages for additional IELTS Speaking and Writing section feedback

Review packages for additional IELTS Speaking and Writing section feedback

Feedback on writing sections include color-coded notes, with corrections marked clearly in RED, academic language suggestions marked in BLUE, and general comments from the reviewer are left in GREEN. 

That makes it easy to tell which notes are things you must correct versus general recommendations for next time.

Here’s a sample of our writing feedback:

Our writing section feedback from BestMyTest IELTS

Our writing section feedback from BestMyTest IELTS

Unlike other IELTS prep courses, BestMyTest provides an audio recording of your response along with a voice-over from an instructor/grader. As your spoken response is played back, you'll hear comments from the graders where they point out your mistakes as they occur and give you suggestions for improvements. 

We found this level of detail in the speaking feedback very helpful!

Our speaking section feedback from BestMyTest IELTS

Our speaking section diagnostic report from BestMyTest IELTS

Feedback from the speaking section diagnostic report is detailed and includes helpful corrections. Your scores are broken down based on pronunciation, fluency and coherence, grammatical range and accuracy, and lexical resource.

By breaking down the feedback into these categories, it’s easier to understand errors and how to make improvements. Plus, the reviewer also includes video links specific to the speaker's areas of improvement.

BestMyTest IELTS Pricing

BestMyTest has three packages to choose from. The Last Minute course option is the cheapest of the three, priced starting at $39 for 7 days of access. 

If your test date is very soon and you know you won’t be studying for more than a week, this is a great option. However, if you use the materials for a week and want to renew, you’ll already be paying more than you would have paid for a month of access with the Custom plan.

The most inclusive package is the Premium option, priced at $199 for a full year of access. So, if you do the math, that comes out to just over $16.50 per month.

In the middle is the Custom option. This course package is priced differently based on the length of access you select, and varies from $69 (for 1 month of access) to $129 (for 6 months of access). 

So, you can see how the full year of access is the best deal when you consider the per-month price and all the added features included with the package.

Of all the prep courses out there, BestMyTest has a lot of versatility in their pricing and they have something that fits any budget.

Other Features and Resources

BestMyTest has some interesting and helpful added features that increase the overall value of their products. They don’t waste a lot of time on unnecessary resources that most people never use, so it never feels like you’re paying for something you don’t need.

IELTS Vocabulary Flashcards

BestMyTest has some of the best vocab flashcards we’ve seen. There’s hundreds and hundreds of academic and conversational words for you to practice. The flashcards show you the word and ask you to type the definition and use it in a sentence.

Vocab practice is a quick and easy way to get some extra studying in without committing to long lessons or practice questions. It’s the best way to prepare you for any of the words you might see on test day.

Score and Performance Analytics 

Most of the exam prep companies out there offer analytics to show you how well you’re doing on the practice work. BestMyTest takes that a step further by showing you even more useful data. 

You can see your success rate by topic or question type, so you know exactly where you may need to apply more focus. 

Plus, you can also see a score forecast of where BestMyTest expects you to score based on your performance throughout the prep course.  

Trial, Score Improvement, and Money Back Policies

Availability of free trial 

BestMyTest IELTS offers a free 7-day trial period with no commitment. Unlike some of the other prep courses out there, BestMyTest doesn’t require a credit card to sign up for the trial period.

However, like most other prep courses, you won’t have access to the full course and all its features with the free trial. 

Score increase guarantee

BestMyTest is confident that you will improve your IELTS score with their program, so they back it up with a score improvement guarantee. However, not all plans include the guarantee, so you’ll want to make sure you purchase the right package if that’s important to you. 

The Custom plan includes a 1+ band score improvement guarantee, while the Premium plan includes a 2.5+ band score improvement guarantee. 

If you have an existing IELTS score (within the last two years), that will be the “base” score for comparison, otherwise you must take an initial practice exam within the first 7 days after purchasing the course. 

To qualify for the guarantee, you must: 

  • Complete at least 90% of all the course’s content
  • Start the program at least 4 weeks before your IELTS exam
  • Use the “ask an instructor” feature
  • Complete all the practice tests included in your course package

Then, if you take your official exam and don’t improve your score accordingly, you have 30 days to report it to BestMyTest. 

After they review your learning history to ensure you did your part, they’ll refund the purchase price for your course subscription (up to $100).

Keep in mind that this is a one-time offer. If you purchase the course again and take another official exam, you won’t be able to claim the offer a second time.

Money back policy

BestMyTest does not offer a refund policy or money-back guarantee outside of the score improvement guarantee. 

So, if you want to cancel your subscription or decide you don’t like the course, you should know that you won’t be owed any kind of refund.

Which BestMyTest IELTS Prep Course Should You Get?

BestMyTest offers three course options that vary based mostly on access length. The longer access periods typically offer more features and resources and a better value than shorter access periods. 

The best value is the Premium option because you get a full year of access and the most writing and speaking reviews. It also includes 25 essay grammar corrections and the highest score improvement guarantee.

But, if you’re taking your exam in the very near future, it might not make sense for you to purchase a year long prep course. 

Still, we recommend the Premium option if you want the added feedback for the writing and speaking sections and plan to study for 6-months or more.

How Does BestMyTest IELTS Prep Course Compare to Other Courses?

There are a lot of options out there for IELTS prep courses. Now that you know everything about BestMyTest, let’s take a look at how it stacks up against some of its competitors. 

BestMyTest IELTS prep vs Magoosh IELTS prep

  • BestMyTest IELTS gives users double the number of practice tests. They offer 26+ practice tests plus added test simulations compared to Magoosh’s 10 practice exams
  • Magoosh IELTS provides detailed video explanations after each of their practice questions, while BestMyTest only gives the correct answer
  • BestMyTest IELTS offers a variety of access periods to fit your needs. Magoosh only has 1-month and 6-months options

BestMyTest IELTS prep vs E2Language IELTS prep

  • BestMyTest IELTS is fully online and self-paced with no live classes. However, E2Language Prep offers the option of self-paced lessons or live instruction
  • E2Language Prep has tutoring options, while BestMyTest IELTS does not offer private tutoring
  • BestMyTest IELTS offers significantly more practice questions and practice tests than E2Language Prep

BestMyTest IELTS prep vs The British Council IELTS prep

  • The British Council’s Road to IELTS includes approximately 13 video lessons and tutorials, far fewer than BestMyTest IELTS which offers over 200 lessons
  • BestMyTest IELTS offers 26+ practice tests while The British Council’s Road to IELTS provides 36 practice tests with the full version of the course
  • BestMyTest IELTS offers writing reviews, speaking reviews, and essay grammar corrections (depending on the course package). The British Council does not offer any of these features

BestMyTest IELTS Prep FAQs

Does BestMyTest IELTS have a mobile app? 

BestMyTest IELTS does not offer a dedicated mobile app. However, their platform is fully online and their website is mobile-friendly. So, you can easily access their content and materials on any device. 

Is BestMyTest good for IELTS?

BestMyTest provides comprehensive, high-quality content and materials to help prepare for IELTS. We found the materials and practice questions to be very similar to what users will experience during the actual IELTS, and anyone who completes the prep course should benefit from it.

Can I prepare for IELTS in 7 days with BestMyTest?

BestMyTest offers a Last Minute prep course option which includes 7 days of access. This course is suitable for anyone looking to do some last-minute studying. 

Most people spend at least 4-6 months preparing for the IELTS, but we believe that any prep is better than no prep. Plus, BestMyTest can give you a very good idea of what to expect on test day, so completing practice questions and tests can help you understand how prepared you are.

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