Best GRE YouTube Channels in 2023 

 July 24, 2023

By  Chuky Ofoegbu

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If you're looking to begin your GRE prep, you might be looking for free resources to supplement your studies. To help you in finding free GRE prep resources, we've curated our list of the Best GRE YouTube channels.

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The AdmitEDGE (formerly GREedge) is managed by the alumni of some notable universities, such as the University of Texas. Since starting its YouTube channel in April 2011, it has uploaded over 325 videos (as of January 2023).

With over over 90K subscribers (as of January 2023), this channel features videos about the GRE and its preparation. The videos primarily cover the news aspect of the GRE. You will find plenty of videos regarding the recent laws and changes made to the GRE.

The quantity of videos based on the preparation side of the GRE is minimal. However, the few videos that are present are extensive in detail and cover each question and section of the GRE.

The AdmitEDGE contains videos of past test-takers. Here they share their experience and their numerous strategies. These interviews of former test takers allow you to extract notes and vital information regarding the GRE.

As this channel covers the news aspect of the GRE, they also cover how different scores can be used to enroll in various universities of different countries. They dig in deep on what kind of scores you need to be accepted into leading universities here in the US. 

AdmitEDGE is one of the most prominent channels on YouTube that incorporates every detail of the GRE.

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Magoosh Test Prep for GRE

The Magoosh Test Prep for GRE is a program that is brought forward by the experts of Magoosh, a well-known test preparation company. 

Since June 2010, the Magoosh GRE channel has uploaded over 1000 videos (as of January 2023). It is consistently producing quality videos to prepare test-takes for the GRE.

This channel refers to all three sections of the GRE: verbal, math, and writing, in their videos. Their topics are very in-depth and situation-specific. Hence these types of videos will assist you to counter those confusing questions on the GRE. 

Individual notes and tips about the different sections are discussed. The scoring scheme for each section is also elaborated here.

There are many videos present here that work on your grammar. Enhancing vocabulary and speaking capabilities are a few of the topics discussed in the many grammatical videos present on the Magoosh GRE channel. And these grammatical videos are one of the necessary steps to achieving a good GRE score.

The playlist tab has many videos divided into separate sections. These playlists will help you find videos of the specific categories that you want to study. 

The Magoosh Test Prep for GRE is the go-to YouTube channel for GRE preparation if you want to increase your chances of an excellent score. 

Greg Mat

Greg Mat is a YouTube channel housing over 500 videos and over 130K subscribers (as of January 2023). This channel covers the content of all three sections of the GRE.

As many of the videos feature some graphics, this allows the learning experience to be fun. It permits the teacher to be creative with his teaching and make the most out of it. However, some people might not prefer this type of teaching and would appreciate a more structured and disciplined teaching style. 

Nevertheless, many of this channel’s videos are well thought out and have in-depth explanations of the GRE and its various questions.

You will find many one-hour videos where the teacher discusses many common mistakes and how to avoid them, tips and tricks, and so forth. These videos may be lengthy, but they provide essential information regarding the GRE and its sections.

The teacher has also hosted many live videos where users have asked their questions regarding the GRE. These questions are typically the most common ones, which can help you gain extra information about the different questions on the GRE.

The Tested Tutor

The Tested Tutor is a GRE preparation YouTube channel that is run by Philip, a perfect scorer of the GRE (340/340). It is one of the most recently started channels on YouTube that is devoted to teaching about the GRE as it began back in July 2019.

As Philip is a professional tutor, he easily and efficiently teaches tactics that can help you ace the GRE in his videos. His manner of teaching is highly effective on students. It is easier for students to understand and grasp his concepts.

With over 57K subscribers (as of January 2023), this is one of the more promising channels on YouTube. 

In his videos, valuable tips and tricks are being shared regarding the GRE. His videos include common trick questions and their answers, quantitative reasoning for math questions, verbal reasoning, vocabulary, and so on.

He has plenty of videos where he discusses practice tests and their answers. These help you identify the types of questions that can be asked and how to attempt them.

He performs full GRE past tests and shows his viewers how he makes certain answers. He also explains questions in full detail by solving them in his videos.

His videos include fascinating topics where you learn a great deal about the GRE. His videos, outside the different sections and question types of the GRE, are primarily about math and grammar.

In the playlist tab, the host, Philip, has divided his videos into different categories so that it is easier to navigate them. This helps you find the right video for the right section, making studying more effective and organized.

Final Thoughts

While the content on these GRE YouTube channels are helpful, combining these videos with a customized GRE study plan is a requirement for a top percentile GRE score.  

For an effective GRE prep that will result in higher scores, we recommend investing in a high quality GRE prep course.

You can check out our in-depth review of the best GRE prep courses on the market for a GRE course that will best suit the needs of any GRE prepper.

Happy GRE prepping!

Chuky Ofoegbu

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