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Program End Date

Post-Completion OPT Application Window

  • Earliest date to apply for OPT
  • Program end date
  • Latest date USCIS will accept OPT application

Based on your program end date…

The earliest date to apply for OPT is

The latest date USCIS must receive your OPT application is

N/B: Your OPT application must also be received by USCIS within 30 days from the date your OPT I-20 is issued by your DSO. So it is best to send your OPT application in as soon as you receive your OPT I-20.

With USCIS processing times for the OPT taking up to 120 days, it is highly recommended that you APPLY AS SOON AS YOUR OPT WINDOW OPENS.

Choosing Your OPT Start Date

  • Program completion date
  • Earliest OPT start date
  • Last OPT start date

Based on your program end date…

The earliest OPT start date is

The latest OPT start date is

You may choose a start date that falls on or between through

N/B: If you don’t have a job offer and you’re concerned about accruing OPT unemployment days, you may choose a start date that falls on a weekday between through

Calculating Remaining OPT Employment Days

Have you previously been approved for Pre-Completion OPT during your current level of study?

Please enter your “Valid From” and “Card Expires” dates appearing on your EAD card

Valid From Card Expires Employment Type

0 day(s)

0 day(s)

0 day(s)

Total: 0 days used of 365

Important Dates

Program end date on Form I-20
OPT application window opens
Earliest OPT start date
Latest OPT start date 09/18/2021
*Latest OPT end Date 09/18/2021

*Assuming you have not used any pre-completion OPT during your current education level, you will have 365 days of Post-Completion OPT employment.

If you choose an OPT start date of , your OPT end date will be

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